Joe’s Warring States Army Project

Greetings everyone. Welcome to my page and my diary taking us through the progress of collecting, assembling, and painting my first of hopefully many Warring States armies. For my first army I decided to build a force from the State of Han because I have always enjoyed painting red. It is a very striking color on the tabletop and its a color I am familiar working with. The purpose of my army is to have a fully painted force and eventually two completed armies so when we begin playtesting we have nice looking armies to try our rules currently in development.

I started with selecting 100 infantry and a general on foot mainly because these were the first miniatures to go into production. My 100 infantry consist of 10 Levy Troops, 30 Light Infantry, and 60 Heavy Infantry. As of this moment I have 40 heavy infantry assembled and primed black and my 10 Levy Infantry assembled and primed black. I will post some pictures when I have some colors on the miniatures. For now I did a test miniature and made him into a standard bearer holding the general of the army Great Bear banner. More to come in the weeks again.

IMG_1505 IMG_1506 IMG_1507

June 19, 2015

Time flies when you are busy with everything life has to offer you. I have been making some good progress on my army and thought I would share some pictures.

General stand including his personal banner and a bodyguard

General stand including his personal banner and a bodyguard

Side view of the general and his entourage.

Side view of the general and his entourage.

Another view of the general's stand

Another view of the general’s stand

I have 50 soldiers that are almost all at the same stage. I use 25mm square bases for painting purposes but will end up mounting multiple miniatures per base when I am done.


5 levy troops carrying crossbows. They are basecoated and awaiting highlights


5 Levy troops with bows patiently waiting for their highlights


10 melee troops accompanied by their officer and bannermen. The miniatures are basecoated and waiting for detail work.


10 soldiers wielding dagger-axes that have started to get detail work.


10 spearmen including the command element that need to be cleaned up before I apply a wash.


10 more spearmen with the rear rank ready for their wash but the front rank needs to be cleaned up before they can receive their wash.

June 30, 2015

I made some progress on my army over the past week or so including some new additions to the force including an officer’s chariot and a heavy chariot. I will have pictures of the chariots when they are a little further along. For now I was able to complete two stands of infantry including 5 crossbowmen and 5 soldiers with dagger-axes. The bases are 40x60mm so essentially each soldier could be mounted on a 20mm x 20mm base. Historically, the ancient Chinese army fought in units of 5 soldiers and late in the Warring States and Qin Dynasty periods they often mixed the weapon types consisting of missile and melee troops. My basing will follow this trend and moving forward the soldier on the right will often represent a low ranking officer.


The base isn’t done yet but the soldiers are finished.


The rear view of the stand. You might notice little bumps on several of the armor plates. Yes, those are nails that could be painted adding even more details to the appearance.


A levy unit of crossbowmen. These levy are fortunate because they were given uniforms. We have developed tons of the different heads during this project giving the soldiers a different look.


The rear of the crossbowmen showing off their bolt quiver.

August 16, 2015

Quite a bit of time has passed since my last update but I have made some progress on the army. I had to deviate a little bit from my original army I posted above because I was trying to get additional items painted to show off at Historicon. Below you will see the progress I made on a handful of new items.


Finally able to add some texture and grass to the base.


A stand of levy archers with their grass added.


Levy crossbowmen all done.


A few more colors completed on the unit of dagger-axemen.


A heavy chariot fully painted. I will more than likely add reigns at a later date.


Another angle of the heavy chariot


The growing horde of Terracotta Warriors. I will add banners at a later date.


Front view of my work in progress for the officer’s chariot


Back of the officer and his driver