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August 20, 2015

This week I received the 3D prints of our undead miniatures and set to cleaning them for the transition into metal. I took a few pictures to show off what they look like and I wanted to make sure all the arms fit on each body. The bodies are all one piece with the right arm interchangeable.


Front view of the undead. We tried to capture the look of the time period.


A higher front angle of the undead.


Back angle of the undead showing off the details.


A higher angle of the undead

August 16, 2015

Summer vacations and convention season has slowed our progress down a little including timely posts. 🙂

We are closing in on completing our promised miniature range for the Kickstarter we ran back in April. Our sculptor sent us these Work in Progress shots of our alternate poses for the crossbowmen and archers as well as the repeating crossbowmen. There are still a few details left to finish including some consistency in sizing and things like straps but overall they are near done. We are trying to make these poses with as few parts as possible with the goal of making a single piece if we can.

qin crossbowman with logo

Two poses for the repeating crossbowmen will be available with the crossbow bolt quiver already attached.

qin archers with logo

The archers will also have two poses with arrow quivers and empty bow sheaths attached to the bodies.

repeating crossbow with logo

There will be five distinct poses (only 4 in the pictures) for the repeating crossbowmen each with unique faces.

We are constantly devising ways to provide a wide and complete range of miniatures including a comprehensive fantasy army for each civilization that we tackle. One of the first new releases we will work on after the initial launch of the Chinese range will be these fantastic Palace Guard mounted on Fu Dogs. Look for these towards the holiday season or early January 2016.


Palace Guard concept art

Work continues on our building range. We showed off this painted sample at Historicon but it is far from done. The roof needs some more attention and the base is being revisited so the stone looks better and the building is centered on the template. Overall I am very pleased with the progress and the roof will be removable for those of you who wish to use these buildings for smaller scale games. We have more buildings in the que but we want to nail down the manufacturing process before we move forward. We are getting close and we are confident this building will be available for sale when the rest of the miniature range goes live to the general public.


Ground level shot of the building in progress with a miniature for scaling purposes


High shot of the building


Ground level shot of the building

July 1, 2015

We completed the sculpting of the shieldbearers and we are getting closer to fulfilling all of the projects for the Kickstarter. We took the opportunity designing the shieldbearers and gave them different weapon options as well as different shields so players can utilize the sculpts in different ways. The right hand and weapon option will be a separate piece allowing you to rotate the hand at the wrist creating different looks for your warriors. There will be five bodies all with different heads giving your soldiers a unique look. Here are some screenshots of the various bodies and weapon options.

Shieldbearers with logo

A look at all five variants showing off the different weapons and shields.

qin large shield guy 5

This pose showing the versatility of the set. Adding the bell shaped shield and spear turns this warrior into a frontline melee trooper preparing for the charge.

qin large shield guy 4

Players will have the option to equip the shieldbearers with a spear or dagger-axe. We sculpted new heads and we removed the feathers from the helmet adding new looks to the army range

qin large shield guy 3

A shieldbearer equipped with a spear.

qin large shield guy 2

A new angle of the shieldbearer showing how the shield would attach itself to the warrior and a handle added to the hand.

qin large shield guy 1

Another look at the pose of the shieldbearers.

June 28, 2015

Over the past 4-5 days I have been busy cleaning and painting some of the newer additions to the Chinese Warring States / Qin Dynasty range. I received the master castings of the officer’s chariot, light and heavy chariot, heavy cavalry, light cavalry, nomadic cavalry and Terracotta Warriors. I quickly began to clean and assemble them and was finally able to snap some pics for your viewing pleasure. I should have another update soon showing off the chariots and light cavalry.


The Xiongnu nomadic cavalry, predecessors to the Mongols. Two distinct bodies and several head and weapon options gives the Xiongnu lots of assembly options.


The rear view of the Xiongnu cavalry


Cavalry began replacing chariots and no army would be complete without the hitting power of heavy cavalry.


The back of the heavy cavalry


Reanimated Terracotta Warriors equipped with various weapons. Five different poses with interchangeable arms to equip the warriors with spears, crossbows, dagger-axes, and banner poles.


The rear view of the Terracotta Warriors showing some of the ‘battle’ damage and decay of the soldiers.

June 19, 2015

I finished cleaning our most recent 3D prints consisting of our Fu Dogs and female general. There are two poses of the Fu Dogs (statues and alive versions) and people will be able to purchase them as a set or what we call ‘half packs’. The half packs will allow you to purchase the statues, the alive versions or one of each type. The Fu Dogs will come with a 50mm base so they are oversized giving them a more threatening appearance on the battlefield.


Fu Dog statue resting on his plinth. Fits perfectly on a 50mm round base.


Another angle of the Fu Dog Statue


A reanimated Fu Dog. Its hard to spot but the alive version maintains its necklace.


You can see part of the necklace and one of the tassels better from this angle.


The other pose of the alive Fu Dogs and their cub. You can see the necklace very clearly in this pic. Because of the complexity in the posing the head is a separate piece.


Another shot of the Fu Dog and its cub.


The Fu Dog Statue keeping the cub from getting into any trouble


The right side of the Fu Dog and its cub

The female general, Huang Guigu, was a project that one of our Kickstarter backers was heavily involved in and we think she came out beautifully. The pose was designed so she could fit in an officer’s chariot or stand alone. She comes with two different left arms which allows her to rest on her sword or reach out to grip the chariot rail. The right arm is also a separate piece and is holding onto a feather fan.


Huang Guigu contemplating her next move on the battlefield.

June 16, 2015

A few weeks have gone by and we were diligently trying to finish the undead. They are now 99% done and with a few minor edits we will send them off to our master mold maker for review before they get printed. There are 5 bodies and 5 different right arms which are separate pieces. This will allow you to position the arms in different ways as well as place them on different bodies giving you a variety of poses.

Undead 5 Submission (1)

An unarmored undead warrior which could be used as a civilian or levy troop. Regardless the undead all fight the same.

undead 3 submission 2

A vanquished warrior during the Warring States Period brought back to life to seek his revenge.

Undead 4 Submission 2

A light infantryman, possibly a low ranking officer, needs to finish his tasks before moving on.

undead 2 submission 3

An undead warrior stalking his prey perhaps recalling his skills when he was alive.

undead 1 submission 3

A man worked to death during the construction of The Great Wall brought back to life to serve once again.

May 23, 2015

Happy Memorial Weekend to everyone. We have a few new updates for everyone including the 3D prints of the Terracotta Warriors and the digital sculpt of our female general Huang Guigu. The Terracotta Warriors will come in 5 different poses and they can be equipped with spears, dagger-axes, crossbows, and a standard pole. Huang Guigu has been designed to be modelled on foot but she will also come with an arm that will allow you to place her comfortably in an Officer’s chariot. Our sculptor has begun work on the undead so we should see some progress over the next week. So in the meantime enjoy the pictures.


The front of the Terracotta Warriors with the 4 different arm options. Don’t worry they will all come with enough arms. We just had one of each printed for casting purposes.


The back of the Terracotta Warriors. There is a little gap on some of the arms because I didn’t use enough white glue but there are little oval pegs and holes to ensure a perfect fit. All of the arms fit on all of the bodies.

female general submission

The female general Huang Guigu. The only thing missing on this version of the sculpt is the belt for the sword sheath and the ribbons on her shoulder armor. These have been added to the final version. The right arm and two left arm variants will be separate pieces. The item in her right hand is a feather fan.

May 17, 2015

I spent most of today cleaning and preparing our 3D printed cavalry for the caster. We will be mailing off the bits to the casting company tomorrow so before I let the pieces go I took a few photographs to show everyone what they will look like. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment.


Xiongnu cavalry will come with two different bodies and 5 different heads. You will be able to choose from a bow, spear or curved sword as their weapon options.


Side profile showing off the details.


Similar to the chariot horses we designed the horses with ‘pancakes’ underneath their hooves making them have a larger surface area to glue to the base.


The light cavalry will have two body options and 5 head options. You will be able to equip them with a javelin, spear, or give them a standard. The arms are interchangeable with the levy and light infantry arms so there are plenty of options.


The side profile gives you a better look at their pose.


A better look at the weapon arms.


The heavy cavalry come with one body type and the fully armored helmet. You can equip the heavy cavalry with spears, dagger-axes, or a standard but the heavy infantry arms fit perfectly on the cavalry as well.


A side shot of the heavy cavalry.


May 16, 2015

Our recent update is quite exciting because this past Friday I received a box of our 3D prints for all of our cavalry and our chariots. After spending a decent portion of Friday evening and all day Saturday cleaning and preparing the chariot pieces I wanted to assemble them and show them off. Keep in mind that the chariot has been assembled with white glue because we need to keep the pieces separate for casting. We only had one of each piece printed except for the wheel so there will be some obvious bits missing but you will get the general idea of what the chariots will look like when cast in metal. We already had the heads cast in metal and you can see them in the pictures.


This is essentially the light chariot minus the additional crewman. The one crewman is holding a dagger-axe shaft and before this arm is cast the blades will be added.


The light and heavy chariot will fit very comfortably on a 80mm x 80mm base. Each square you see in the picture is 20mm.


The yoke would actually rest a little higher on the horse and the crewman’s arm can be positioned better to rest on the railing but it was difficult to move things around when using white glue. 🙂


You can clearly see the ‘pancakes’ on the bottom of the horses feet to give you a better surface area for gluing.


The Officer’s Chariot clearly showing the general and his driver. This general has decided to direct the flow of combat with his fan but there are other arm options. Even the general on foot arms will fit on this version and vice-versa.


The Officer’s chariot has two more horses in the kit that will be duplicates of the horses shown here.


This side view shows more accurately where the yoke should be placed.


The banner pole could be used to show the flag representing either the army general or one of the divisional commanders.


We also received some nice pictures of our living versions of the Fu Dogs. Both the statue and living versions will fit on a 50mm round or square base. Now that the Fu Dogs are done our sculptor will be moving on to start the female general Huang Guigu and the support troops (shieldbearers, repeating crossbowmen, and alternate poses of the archers and crossbowmen). Once they are done the undead will be next.

Fu Dogs living version with logo

The scaling might be slightly off between the adult Fu Dogs and the cub but the packs that we will be selling that contain both alive versions will come with the cub.

May 6, 2015

Good day everyone. We just put the finishing touches on the second Fu Dog and I wanted to share a picture of the two Fu Dogs together. Work begins tonight on the ‘alive’ version of the Fu Dogs and we are planning on sculpting the Fu Dog cub as well. Enjoy.

Fu Dog Statues with logo

May 3, 2015

Our sculptor, Kevin, has been working hard on the Fu Dogs and after a few back-and-forth sessions trying to nail  the aesthetics that we were looking for we completed our first Fu Dog statue. We are very happy with the result and Kevin is currently finishing up the second version. Once the statue versions are done we will work on the animated ‘alive’ sculpts and we also have a few surprises coming your way in regards to the Fu Dogs. 🙂

Fu dog statue with logo final

April 29, 2015

We finalized the Terracotta Warriors and separated the bits. Here is a picture of the final digital sculpts. There will be five different bodies with four different arms. The arms are interchangeable with the bodies. We are currently working on how we are going to organize the arm sprues but we will make sure that every body has arms. 🙂

We also recently finished our banner sets that will be available in our webstore and we also are giving them away to the Kickstarter Backers who pledged at a particular level and higher. We did banner sets for all seven Warring States. Since there is not a lot of information regarding the State colors we took some creative license, a dash of Hollywood, and mixed it in with some historical references and this is the result. There are several unit banners and some command banners as well. The command banners each have an animal icon representing the different parts of the army and essentially the divisional commands of the force.  These banners along with the rest of the range will be available once the Kickstarter Backers have been shipped their items. Tentatively we are schedule for a November launch but we are keeping our fingers crossed for an earlier release.

Sample Chu Banner Set

The State of Chu

Sample Han Banner Set

The State of Han

Sample Qi Banner Set

The State of Qi

Sample Qin Banner Set

The State of Qin

Sample Wei Banner Set

The State of Wei

Sample Yan Banner Set

The State of Yan

Sample Zhao Banner Set

The State of Zhao

April 13, 2015

The Kickstarter has been successfully funded and we have about one week left before it closes. We ended up saving some costs in production so we lowered some of our Stretch Goals to make it easier to add more troops to the Chinese range.

About a week ago we began work on the Terracotta Warriors for our Kickstarter and growing historical & fantasy Ancient Chinese miniature range. The Terracotta Warriors are pretty much complete with a few minor tweeks left to do. There will be 5 different bodies with separate arms allowing you to mix and match the bodies and arms giving you a variety of unique looks. We will have spears, dagger-axes, crossbows and a standard available for the different arm options. Now that the Terracotta Warriors are done we will be moving on to sculpting the Fu Dogs.

terracotta warrior body 4 w logo

terracotta warrior body 3 w logo

terracotta warrior body 2 w logo

terracotta warrior body 1 w logo

terracotta warrior body 5 w logo