Painted Miniatures

As we continue to grow our collection of painted miniatures we will add them to this section of our website. Enjoy.

General with label

Every army is led by a general and in the State of Qin only the most brutal and cunning warriors are promoted. Generals often wear more flamboyant clothing to show their status on the battlefield which has its advantages and disadvantages.


Skirmisher w label

Levy troop from the State of Zhao wielding a bow

Light Infantry w label

Light Infantryman from the state of Qi equipped with a spear and small round shield

Heavy Infantry w label

A Han heavy infantryman wearing full armor and carrying a dagger-axe and large shield

Swordmaster w label

A deadly Swordmaster from the State of Qin. Armor only weighs down this nimble and experienced warrior from performing his duties.

Drunken Master w label

A drunken Kung-Fu Master is possibly one of the deadliest warriors in martial arts combat. Highly unpredictable with each sip from his rice wine making him stronger and more resistant to pain. All of his skills are enhanced under the influence of his favorite drink but too much wine can make him lose his appetite for fighting.